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The Demon Fox Forms of Naruto Uzumaki
In the coarse of the Naruto Shippuuden (Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles) series, many fierce battles have taken place. It is often a common question about which episodes certain battles have taken place. Below, SAIYANISLAND has made a battle guide for NARUTO Shippuuden for you to enjoy!
nine tailed fox - I narutonine tailed fox - I narutoTwelve years before the start of the NARUTO series, The Forth Hokage sealed the the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, the Kyuubi, within a new born baby after its attack on the Hidden Leaf Village. That baby was Naruto Uzumaki, the host of what it is said to be the most powerful of the tailed-beasts. One that, with a single swipe of its claw, can raise tsunamis and flatten mountains This beast gives Naruto the ability to heal from wounds at astonishing speeds, as well as give him an immense amount of chakra. It is also the reason why Naruto has those three lines (or whiskers) on each side of his face. The Nine-Tailed Fox is activated in times of extreme rage (like when Naruto saw Sasuke take a hit for him and thought that he was going to die) and times of near death (like when Naruto is about to drown after being heavily wounded in the battle between him and Sasuke). As the Nine-Tailed fox is activated, Naruto becomes more and more like the Nine-Tailed Fox. The Third Hokage and Kakashi Hatake have said that if Naruto loses all control of the Nine-Tailed Fox's chakra, than the seal which keeps it inside Naruto will break and the Nine-Tailed Fox will be freed.

If the Nine-Tail Fox escapes from Naruto, then we will die. Fortunately for Naruto and his comrades this has not happened yet. He has been trained by one of the three legendary Sannin, Jiraiya, so that he could control and call upon the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox at will.
Demon Fox 0-Tailed Stage
nine tailed fox - I naruto First Transformed In: Naruto Episode 16
This is the first form Naruto has taken under the influence of the Nine-Tailed Fox. Naruto's eyes turn a ferocious red, his whiskers increase in size, his hair becomes a little more animal like, his fingernails and teeth grow sharp, and he runs on all four of his limbs. In addition, Naruto gets an energy boost from the Demon Fox's chakra, healing his wounds, increasing his speed, and giving an extra bang to his attacks. Naruto is conscious at this level and is able to control and summon this stage at will after receiving training from Jiraiya.
Demon Fox 1-Tailed Stage
nine tailed fox - I naruto First Transformed In: Naruto Episode 134
When it seemed like it was the end for Naruto in his fight against Sasuke in the Valley of the End, the Nine-Tailed fox grants Naruto more chakra than he has ever received before. In this stage Naruto gains all the physical attributes that he gained in the first stage as well as a 1-Tailed Fox outline around his body made of chakra. This chakra is hot. So hot, that the water around Naruto is boiling as Naruto is in this stage. The fox-shaped chakra around Naruto's body isn't just for show though. It increases Naruto's reach, as he can thrust his physical arm forward and attack his opponent with an extendable arm made of chakra. In addition to that, it can act as a defense mechanism and deflect incoming attacks without Naruto even controlling it. And of course, Naruto can heal quicker than normal, and is faster and stronger than he was in his tail-less Demon Fox form. Despite his beastly look, Naruto is conscious at this level, and can control what he does.
Demon Fox 2-Tailed Stage
nine tailed fox - I naruto First Transformed In: Naruto Shippuuden Episode 29
This is Naruto's third Demon Fox stage. In this stage he inherits all the traits that he had before, but now instead of one-tail, he has two tails instead. In addition, Naruto looks more monstrous than before, with his eyes widening, and teeth becoming even more sharper. As to be expected, he is faster and stronger than the previous stage. Like before, he is still conscious, but it begins to look like the Demon Fox's personality is more visible than before.
nine tailed fox - I naruto
Demon Fox 3-Tailed Stage
nine tailed fox - I naruto First Transformed In: Naruto Shippuuden Episode 40
This is Naruto's fourth Demon Fox stage. In this stage he inherits all the physical traits that he had in the previous stage, but now instead of two-tails, he has three. Naruto can now counter attacks and do damage just by simply roaring, indicating he is more powerful than he was at his previous states.
nine tailed fox - I naruto
Demon Fox 4-Tailed Stage
nine tailed fox - I naruto
nine tailed fox - I naruto
First Transformed In: Naruto Shippuuden Episode 40 - 41
This is Naruto at the 4-tailed stage. Unlike the first four stages where Naruto was in control of himself, in this form, the Nine-Tailed Fox has a grasp of Naruto in his internal Demon Fox prison. This result is that Naruto has no control of his body and the seal that traps the Nine-Tailed Fox in Naruto loosens further. In addition, the chakra that the Demon Fox emits overtakes Naruto's physical body, leaving no visibility of human flesh. He is essentially on fire with chakra with his physical features are similar to that of the Nine-Tailed Fox himself. Not only does Naruto's appearance change, but his power is at its greatest ever. Just a roar produces frighteningly powerful and destructive effects. Even Orochimaru says that if he is to get hit by Naruto at this stage, he'll get killed for sure. Unfortunately for Naruto, this stage causes Naruto's lifespan to shorten. Being at this stage destroys his cells, but at the same time, because of the Nine-Tailed Fox's special ability, generates new cells o replace the destroyed ones. It would seem it would be a good thing for new cells to be made right away to replace the destroyed ones, but it is not. Everybody's body has a limit to how many cells can be produced in a life time. It is encoded in the genetic code. Because cells are being regenerated at an accelerated rate in Naruto's body so quickly, his life span is decreasing since he won't have the ability to produce new ones at some point later in time. (This is not only true for Naruto, but for us humans in real life. Cool huh? Who knew NARUTO was so educational)

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